I often get the question, “Can you send me some good paleo recipes?” And, as much as I enjoy cooking and creating amazing meals, I really can’t take too much credit for anything more than how wonderful they turn out. Below are my cooking secrets…a few of them anyways.

Paleo Mama- plug “short ribs” into the search bar. One of my fav recipes to throw in the slow cooker. Love it!
Elana’s Pantry – not all paleo, but all gluten free and loaded with great recipes.
Fast Paleo -created to make the paleo lifestyle easier. By allowing regular people practicing the paleo lifestyle to freely upload their fast paleo recipes, everyone is given constant, fresh ideas on how to stay fit and healthy.

Paleo Chicken Enchilada Bake – this is one of my favorite dishes!

As far as snacks go…I’d say bake some chicken tenders with spices on them. Each tender is a snack sized portion. If you want the breading, try breading it in eggs and almond flour (I like to pan fry that in olive oil – A fav for everyone in my house!).

Here’s a site for snacks – Paleo Snacks – Mmm Bacon!

If all else fails, turn to google. I put in “paleo chicken” or “paleo bread” and tons of recipes will pop up. Google is my recipe book!

Don’t hesitate to share some of your favorite sites or recipes in the comments or on CrossFit Cedar Park Fan page.